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What is the difference between impeachment and recall?

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its about politics...

the questions are

what is the difference between impeachment and recall?

what are the penalties in an impeachment case?

thanks in advance!|||In impeachment, the official is removed from office while in recall, the official still has the chance to continue in his position if still elected by the people.|||Impeachment, as in Bill Clinton's case was brought about because he committed a crime, he lied under oath, thus a criminal case was brought about by the Senate. He was found guilty and impeached. He was also disbarred.

Recall, is different, as we all know the President of the United States is elected from the electoral college. The popular vote (thank god) isn't put into play. An elected official in a state or local government, can be recalled if there are enough people to sign a petition and a vote is called for to choose to get rid of the official or not. In which case a new election is done... just as they did in California when Arnold was voted Governor|||Impeachment requires a crime. Recall only requires a lack of confidence.|||Impeachment is like a trial where charges are filed and legal arguments made for and against the individual charged. W. J. Clinton and Andrew Johnson are the only two U.S. presidents ever impeached. Neither was convicted.

Recall is an election held to remove an individual from elected office before the normal term end. Recall elections are initiated by petition drives for special elections.

Conviction in an impeachment proceeding would result in removal from office.

If a large enough percentage of voters voted for recall, the office holder would be removed. Recall elections can include a replacement election as a separate ballot. That was the case in California. Two ballots, one to recall the governor and a second to elect a replacement.|||Impeachment comes in legislative process. For example, the President can be impeached by the Parliament without any proof of committing a crime or against to the Public and just by voting.

Whereas, a recall will occur in judicial process. For example, if a person is terminated from an Office on any allegation/offence, he can be recalled if the same is not proved in the judiciary process.

As it is my pleasure to answer to this question, there is no need to say thanks!|||For those rocket scientists whom say there have been no successful impeachments...Clinton and Jackson WERE impeached...the penalty is a trial for removal before the entire senate....these two were just not removed from is 2 seperate matters

As far as recall...that is a method of early removal(if successful) from office based on popularity...if enough people do not like you they may put forth a petition to have you ends up on the next election...

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